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Akili by jrslayer Akili :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 1 0 I will kick the walls... by jrslayer I will kick the walls... :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 0 0 No remainders of sins by jrslayer No remainders of sins :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 1 0 opus 58 3. largo by jrslayer opus 58 3. largo :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 0 1
A Hound.
Something had changed in the course of my journey. I had stumbled across this child, who at first seemed so pure and naïve and vulnerable, and taken her in under my care. She was sincere about being without family, of this I am sure. The more and more I lead her into conversation I can feel something different underneath. The strange thing is that I can feel it even more in our silence. Something bright, something that seems to burn me to my core, blinds me - renders me lame.
While her body is young, she is not. This being is not what she seems, and I am increasingly intrigued. At the time, she does not pose any threat; hardly any being frightens me. I am not stupid; I have begun to cut short my meditations, which she believes to be, sleep, and soon I will discontinue them altogether. I cannot afford distraction, and this is obviously what she was. If I were to be destroyed straight away, it would have been done by now.
I will have to pull her out of hiding and either destroy her
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Death is a Choice.
I wouldn’t think of my past life as anything. I wouldn’t think of the presence I own now as anything but a presence.
I am used to being unaccepted by either side. I belong nowhere, I have no connections and that is my greatest strength.
While I protect human kind, I do not hesitate if one must be spared. I fight who opposes me; if I don’t survive only a meager number of them will. Also, it is not in my interest to have to make sacrifices, but that is the way they make it. Everything is black and white, and if you make the choice, then death must come to you by my hand, and you can collapse to the ground with those whom I have slain in your protection. Your life costs less than 100 others’. And it most definitely is worth less than mine is.
Sometimes in order to protect the weak, they must go down with the stronger. Such is the way of the natural world.
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An Observation.
She was not good at it, but I permitted her to continue. It was interesting to watch someone so young; naïve and innocent and desperately trying to corrupt herself. They always begin small, and suddenly it grows exponentially.
People know in their being when something’s not right. It’s a hypersensitivity that’s been cut off over the ages. Although they are a species that congregates, finds each other and clings ever so tightly, they loathe and envy each other even more. They all sense each other; confidence, insecurity, sexuality, more importantly – when someone’s completely earnest and when they’re lying through their teeth.
By now, the human race has cut off all sensations of this; humans by nature are empathetic beings. By multiplying and growing so quickly and being such greedy vermin, they had to learn to deal with their sins and their guilt and in being so close to each other, feelings began to hurt. So they renounced them altogether.
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A Question.
The sliver of light was insulting. Light altogether was insulting; it desecrated the tomb I had created for myself. Whether to expend the energy to block out what life entered to try to penetrate my soul, which not too long ago I had already sold, or to lay and scoff at the intruder would have plagued any others. No matter; if you shined the strongest candle into it, my soul would never rekindle. It’s gone, that’s all that’s done, it’s over.
I suppose I only go outside when it’s dark for the cover; the comfort the blanket of nothing provides. You could bundle up in it, pull the cloak of night around your shoulders, and disappear. For people like me, this is our only refuge.
I wasn’t strong, I was never very smart, but I was always ambitious. And things change if you know how to go about changing them...
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01 Karla Hates King Lear by jrslayer
Mature content
01 Karla Hates King Lear :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 1 3
Frakkin Cake Man by jrslayer Frakkin Cake Man :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 0 0 SPN - We have to go - colored by jrslayer SPN - We have to go - colored :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 0 0
The Ultimate Betrayl
His luggage hit the floor, a dull thud. The house was quiet but for the murmur of a television farther back inside. It was too clean; not the way a man would live - and it smelled good, unfamiliar. Gone for just a month, but candles had managed to spring up all over like the weeds in his previously perfectly sculpted lawn.
She had said she'd house sit but this wasn't what he signed up for. She femme'd out his territory. He immediately felt the urge to order pizza with his best friend and eat it in the box on the floor in front of his television with left overs for weeks.
Something else was different. He could deal with being able to easily find his way through his bedroom. He could even tolerate the vacuum tracks visible in the carpet. They were easy enough to scuff out, anyway.
The offensive tracks lead him back into the den, towards the glow of the television. There was still something missing...
"Not even going to get up and welcome me home, hmm?" As he rounded the entrance to face
:iconjrslayer:jrslayer 0 1
The Bouncer at Roxy's by jrslayer The Bouncer at Roxy's :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 0 0 The Eri by jrslayer The Eri :iconjrslayer:jrslayer 0 0


Miniature Heroes + Villains by Ferntree Miniature Heroes + Villains :iconferntree:Ferntree 355 84 shirt-in-a-box by whitedog1 shirt-in-a-box :iconwhitedog1:whitedog1 2,757 514 CMYK Colorwheel Swatch for PS by Monkeyslunch CMYK Colorwheel Swatch for PS :iconmonkeyslunch:Monkeyslunch 118 38 edward in a nutshell by whitedog1
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edward in a nutshell :iconwhitedog1:whitedog1 4,226 802
Naked Jacob by emilyhann
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Naked Jacob :iconemilyhann:emilyhann 60 62
GO TEAM WINCHESTER by agent57 GO TEAM WINCHESTER :iconagent57:agent57 116 59 How I Use Photoshop by amberfoxwing How I Use Photoshop :iconamberfoxwing:amberfoxwing 124 46 Lib Ref - Composition + Color by ArtistsHospital Lib Ref - Composition + Color :iconartistshospital:ArtistsHospital 294 27 EoW Castiel by Kentameadowwolf EoW Castiel :iconkentameadowwolf:Kentameadowwolf 153 53 EoW No. 43: Psychic by Kentameadowwolf EoW No. 43: Psychic :iconkentameadowwolf:Kentameadowwolf 504 136 EoW No. 41: S'more by Kentameadowwolf EoW No. 41: S'more :iconkentameadowwolf:Kentameadowwolf 424 100 The Third Degree by Liquidsilk The Third Degree :iconliquidsilk:Liquidsilk 114 43 Brad's Freckles - 2008 by andrewfphoto Brad's Freckles - 2008 :iconandrewfphoto:andrewfphoto 107 35 Sailor Sword 5 by SenshiStock Sailor Sword 5 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 93 3




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Submitted some prose earlier today. At one time, I did have an overall arc for the Death Series but for the life of me I can't remember what it had been. I'm rooting through the files on my computer to try to see if there aren't remnants of a notebook of information.

I finally uploaded the bare bones outline of my new baby, GEEKeri! Now I have to work on uploading the rest of the files, so that it's not an empty carcass of a site :P
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